ITCOM 2011

Committee Members & Projects

Chairman Stf/C Don Osmond, JN
Assistant Chairman P/Lt/C Carl E. Filios

Server Administrator

P/R/C Miguel Long

Help Desk

Stf/C Kristi Watson Anderson
  Lt/C Fred Deppert
  P/D/C Barbara Erickson
Connie Beckman

Web Sites Coordinator

P/D/C William Miller

Programming, Web Site

P/C Daniel Bartell
P/R/C Miguel Long
P/Lt/C Carl E. Filios
Lt/C Doug Bass
Karl Wagner
D/Lt Harold W. Hoadley

Programming, SQL

P/R/C Peter Mitchelson
  P/C Joseph Gibson


V/C Robert Baldridge
P/C Don Osmond

ITCOM Webmaster

Alicia Simpson

DB2000 Implementation Team

P/R/C John Bradley
P/D/C Kenneth Guscott


Stf/C Kristi Watson Anderson


Mary Catherine Berube
Kathy Kesterson

National Representatives

Chief Commander C/C Robert Baldridge
National Secretary V/C Peter Mitchelson
Assistant Secretary R/C

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