Membership Rosters

Directories of officers, members, committees and the like, or any similar lists or files - at all levels of USPS - are to be considered strictly proprietary and not available to any outside individual, organization or agency, with the exception of the list of national officers appearing in THE ENSIGN.

No member of USPS may use any such source for any purpose, public or private, outside the normal activities of USPS without prior approval of the Operating Committee.
Roster Requests
Only the Squadron or District Commander is authorized to request a roster from HQ (for their respective Squadron or District). This authority however, can be delegated.

Lost passwords must be requested by the respective Commander (i.e.; District or Squadron).

Each January, ITCom will change the password. D/C's will receive the district password, Squadron Cdr's will receive the squadron password. Effective that week, all old passwords will become invalid, so you will not have access until the new passwords are received by mail.

In order to receive your roster, please use this Roster Request form.

Complete rules on requesting rosters is available in the FAQ pages.

More information on the contents of the roster data file and the USPS software to utilize the data files is available on the DB2000 information page.

Dissemination of information is the key to the success of any program.
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